How to count your windows
Provide your window counts here:

Standard Panes

- Any piece of glass greater than 1 square foot and surrounded by frame.

TDLs (True Divided Lite)

- Any piece of glass 1 square foot or smaller and surrounded by frame.

**NOTE: Some windows create the TDL affect by having grids between the inner and outer panes of glass. These are standard panes.


- Cleaning your screens extends the life of your window cleaning. It is an optional service.

- Removing and replacing your screens during the window cleaning process is no charge. So, if you don't want your screens cleaned, there is no need to provide a count.

Storm Windows - Panes and TDLs

- Storm windows are an extra layer of windows installed in a window openning to increase insulation values. (See the picture on the left.)

- Many modern homes do not have storm windows.

- One major exception is the Pella company. Very often, Pella windows have a removeable storm pane. You   can often tell if you have Pella storms by the clips that are mounted around the perimeter of your inside pane. An example of a Pella (screen) clip is in the picture on the right.

- Use the guidelines for standard panes and TDLs to evaluate and count your storm windows. 

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